Over time, windows wear out much like any other component in your home. Old windows tend to be drafty and much less energy efficient than today’s windows. Other common problems include: condensation, noise, rotting wood frames, mold, fogging and cracks.

New windows are far more energy efficient, and lower maintenance. New windows will modernize the look of your home and add value to your home. At Starline, we design windows to meet the most exacting standards of energy efficiency. We create windows to work flawlessly, and look terrific in any home.

Full-frame replacement is the only good replacement option.  Requirements for structural performance, and stopping air infiltration and water intrusion, depend on the installation.
Our goal in full-frame replacement is to prevent water intrusion around the installation perimeter.  Pressure differentials between the interior and exterior can draw water through small penetrations, especially in more extreme regions.
We interface the fenestration with a membrane, or surface barrier, to deflect water from the rough opening or lead it back to the exterior with drip caps, thru-flashings and sill pans.


Current Windows

  • Your current windows may be made of cold transferring materials, i.e. aluminum, steel
  • May be warped, worn or sagging wood windows
  • May be single glazed = one piece of glass
  • Are likely clear glass
  • May not be energy efficient

Your New Starline Windows

  • Are made of thermally efficient vinyl
  • Are low maintenance with high quality hardware
  • Are double glazed, double sealed units
  • Are made with Smartglass™ low-emissivity glass
  • Are very energy efficient


Installation Method 


The "Full Cut-Out" Method

At Starline, we completely remove the old, cold windows and then install nail-on “Energy Star” windows.

  • Ties into the building envelope:
  • Remove exterior trim
  • Full cut-out of old window
  • Clean, prepare and weatherproof opening with waterproof membrane
  • Install flashing above window
  • Nail on new construction window
  • Heavy duty, commercial caulking
  • tuck tape/building paper on exterior
  • foam backer rod & caulking on interior air seal

(as recommend by CMHC, HPO and the BC Hydro window and door replacement program)

Vs. The "Piggy Back" Method:

Many window installation companies use a '"piggyback" method when replacing older windows:

  • Quick & easy for the installer
  • Removes the old glass
  • Leaves the cold aluminum frame
  • Vinyl window is slid on top of old frame
  • Caulking is squeezed into the gaps
  • Not recommended in medium to high moisture regions
  • Reduction in Energy Performance

(as per CMHC, HPO and the BC Hydro window and door replacement program)

What to expect from Starline Windows

  • The highest quality windows, doors and materials
  • Experienced, professional installation
  • Full warranty
  • Written quotation
  • Courteous service and communication
  • Daily clean up
  • Fully insured with WCB coverage
  • Industry recognized, best-building practices
  • Knowledgeable sales consultation

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