Starline Windows Introduces Four New Products in 2020

2020 has been an interesting year so far, to say the least, but that hasn't kept our Engineering and New Product R&D Team from continuous improvement of our window and door offerings for the future.  With increasing performance requirements on projects, both for field water testing and energy efficiency, we quickly recognized the demand for new and improved Aluminum Window and Door Systems.


These new products are listed below and you can learn more about each of them by visiting the Products Section of our website:


4504 & 4506 Compression Seal Sliding Balcony Doors, each of which couples to similar depth window wall systems respectively and achieve a 500Pa field water test rating.


4500R Sliding Balcony Door, features wider thermal breaks, wider IGU's and also achieves a 500Pa field water test rating.


9506 Swing Balcony Door, features wider structural thermal breaks in the door leaf, perimeter frame and installation components.  Both the 4506 & 9506 Series were created to couple seamlessly with our new 6" deep 9600 Series Thermally Enhanced Window Wall System.