Starline Windows ensures that all windows and doors are delivered in a timely fashion by utilizing our fleet of local and internationally licensed trucks. This ensures that we will take the same care when loading, shipping, and unloading window systems that we take in manufacturing and installing them.

Cradle System:

Starline's innovative cradle carrier allows our windows to be delivered to the required project level by crane, rather than requiring the construction lift only transit several windows at a time. This allows deliveries to be completed much more quickly, and prevents prolonged usage of the construction lift that interferes with other trades that require it.

Barcode System:

Starline ensures every window is manufactured and shipped using our barcode production tracking system. Not only does it enable us to be sure that every component required on site is loaded on the truck, but will provide the location of any components that aren't in the shipping marshalling area.

Just in time Delivery:

Starline aims to deliver windows when they're needed only. This not only prevents on site damage to the windows, but also keeps work areas free of clutter so other trades can work more efficiently.